“Professional services…” muses New Word Order partner Scott Oxford.

“The way we work with Sally, I think that must mean: part psychology, part accountancy.

“And, every once in a while, part drinking buddy.”

Since Scott joined wife, Suzanne, in running New Word Order eight years ago, they’ve relied on Sally as an important part of their decision making.

“Growth, staffing, economic conditions and the odd bit of tax: when we get together with Sally, we discuss just about every possible topic relevant to running a business,” Suzanne said.

“But the real value for us isn’t in meeting with an adviser, because Sally doesn’t treat us like that.

“Instead, with Sal, it’s a meeting of equals – more of a catch-up with a friend who’s sharing the same struggles and successes with staff and growth.”

With nine staff and numerous clients across state government and private sectors, New Word Order has ridden the peaks and troughs of recent years in business. Scott said having Sally on the journey has made it more enjoyable.

“It took, maybe, only a couple of meetings for us to fall into a shorthand every time we got together. We could cut to the chase on the stuff that’s really important to us in the business,” he said.

“Sally knows our priorities, respects them and uses them as the basis for every conversation we have together.

“She gets us and gets our business.

“That means more to us than we can say.”