As the owner of Sunstate Motorcycles, Jamie Muggeridge is used to some risk-taking. It comes with the job.

And while a little risk can be a good thing, Jamie’s in no doubt about the importance of sound financial advice.

“I have the big ideas and Sally brings me down to earth,” Jamie said. “Sometimes I take too many risks and she’s a good adviser.”

Sunstate’s been in business since 1997, selling and servicing motorcycles from Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

Jamie started working with Sally in 2004 when a friend who’d invested in his company introduced them. Sally’s been Jamie’s accountant ever since.

The pride and joy of his business is a huge showroom, filled with gleaming motorcycles. But carrying expensive stock is a risk that takes strong financial control, and Jamie is no doubt that Sally and Mosaic have his best interests at heart.

“Obviously Sally takes care of my tax and works to save me money, but she also gives good feedback and direction.

“She helps me take a calculated risk.”

As a sounding board for the business, Jamie says Sally is his first call before he takes on anything new.

“I won’t commit to anything unless Sally’s convinced,” he said. “We work together to put a strategy in place.”

He also appreciates Sally’s outside perspective, especially the insight she offers on other businesses and the industry, and her thoughts on expansion plans he proposes.

“Sally is a friend as well,” he said. “It’s not just about the invoice at the end of the month – it’s about a personal relationship.

“She always makes time for me.

“You don’t get the sense that the meter is always running with Sally – she wants me to prosper and treats me as a friend.”