“Jeff works with your business, not against it. And he can work with anyone.”

Toptyres Australia is in its 22nd year of business, wholesaling tyres to all the independents, including Good Year and Bob Jane. The owners of Toptyres have been working with Jeff for many years.

“I have all the faith in the world in Jeff,” said Cheryl Nicholson. “He’s trustworthy. With Jeff, it’s business when it’s business and friendship when it needs to be.”

As a testimony to the faith Cheryl has in Jeff and Mosaic, if anything were to happen to her, she’d trust him to take care of Toptyres and help her daughter.

“Jeff knows his trade and is conservative. I know he’d never get us into trouble. He does things the correct way.

“I have faith in Jeff as a professional; he’s always on hand and is very efficient.”

As for the business itself, Cheryl says Jeff has given Toptyres good advice and options - including strategies on structuring.

“And there’s never a conflict if he needs to work with our auditors and the bank.”

It’s not only Jeff that Cheryl and the Toptyres team like to deal with.

“The staff at Mosaic have a great attitude, I always get a wonderful reception and a fast response. Jeff and Sally are lovely people.”