Beef Cattle Farmer located in the Wide Bay district.


“The difference in working with Mosaic is that Jeff has an intimate knowledge of our family as well as our business.”


“Jeff knows all the ins and outs of our family set up. Not only does he understand the business, but he knows our own personal desires and goals.”


This intimate understanding of both the family and its finances has been invaluable as I look to pass down my business to the fourth generation of the family cattle dynasty.


“In our relationship with Jeff, I value the trust I have in him the most.”


“I’m always confident he has our best interests at heart and he’s doing the best for us.”


Mosaic has assisted in estate planning, tax and structure advice for the family, and it’s Jeff’s personal investment that means the most to me.


“The relationship is a friendship, not just a working relationship. I don’t hesitate to talk to Jeff about anything.”

beef cattle farmer business accounting case study and testimonial

Wholesale Business – operating nationally for over 22 years


“Jeff works with your business, not against it. And he can work with anyone.”


“I have all the faith in the world in Jeff. He’s trustworthy. With Jeff, it’s business when it’s business and friendship when it needs to be.”


As a testimony to the faith we have in Jeff and Mosaic, if anything were to happen to us, we’d trust him to take care of our business and to help our daughter.


“Jeff knows his trade and is conservative. I know he’d never get us into trouble. He does things the correct way.”


“I have faith in Jeff as a professional; he’s always on hand and is very efficient.”


As for the business itself, Jeff has given our business good advice and options – including strategies on structuring.


“The staff at Mosaic have a great attitude, I always get a wonderful reception and a fast response. They are lovely people.”

Accounting client testimonial from wholesale business